HOD family & friends :update!

Celebration of Life of our beloved Camelot Draconia was 1 year ago.I have been caught in whirl wind of RL and missing our family HOD/BROTHER Cam. 

I have not nor will I forget those loyal to our HOD group!I am investing my focus and time  in a project for our HOD family that will become not only a gift for HOD but for my brother as well.!!!Please note Cam's memorial site is still  with in the memorial garden at the ACS sim and if need for  LM please send NC I will check in through the week!
I feel as though I should say so much more however, I would like to wait....I am hoping for input from those whom would like to join us in CAM'S celebration of life anniversary service in which I have something VERY special cooking!Our sister Mindy had a party this past weekend as my pc was giving me heck ..I was unable to send notice....HOWEVER I am sure she would like to DJ for us again!!!

I  will follow up to confirm date time and place...RSVP will not be needed as this is as he would want it...for you to celebrate and enjoy time with eachother and  of coarse ..with him!Please give me until WED. to confirm for the SATURDAY that follows and time so I am able to finish this delicate and beautiful project ....my heart is in this, for all of you...As much as we needed him..I  want to thank you all because we needed you and still..you are what creates our SL as we love it!!!

Thanks to you loyal HOD groupies fam and friends..

Love Tiffy